THE PRACTICAL CYCLIST provides accessible information to help
people with little or no experience use bicycles for transportation.

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F o r w a r d

I like bikes a lot, for lots of reasons. I like riding bikes, but I also like reading, writing, and talking about bikes. I believe that bicycling can make people's lives better - make the world a better place - and I like helping people use bicycles to make their lives better.

This website is a refinement of the advice and assistance that I have given to friends and clients over the years. By placing it here I've saved myself a lot of energy, and I've made it available to anyone who might find it useful.

Use the Table of Contents on the left to find what you're looking for. Or, if you don't find what you're looking for, feel free to contact me. Thanks for visiting. --David

The Practical Cyclist is commercial-free.

References to specific companies or products at The Practical Cyclist are editorial in nature: I have received no significant goods or services in exchange for links or recommendations. Not that I'd refuse, but no one has offered. If this changes, I'll make it obvious and explicit.