THE PRACTICAL CYCLIST provides accessible information to help
people with little or no experience use bicycles for transportation.

THE PRACTICAL CYCLIST also has A BLOG, check it out, it's fun.

M i s s i o n & V i s i o n

The Practical Cyclist's Vision:

  • It should be easy to ride a bike for urban transportation.
  • A person riding a bike does not need, nor should they be made to feel that they need, expensive or cycling-specific clothing, bags, or other equipment.
  • A person riding a bike should not feel or be made to feel intimidated by other bicyclists, bike shop staff, motorists or automobile traffic, or anyone else.
  • Riding a bike should be an unremarkable activity in this resepect: it should be de rigueur, standard, normal, routine.

The Practical Cyclist's Mission:

  • To reduce the barriers that keep people from riding bikes.
  • To provide a resource for people interested in using bicycles for utilitarian purposes, broadly defined, with a particular focus on providing accessible and practical information for folks with little experience.
  • To make it easier for people to ride bicycles for transportation.

The Practical Cyclist is commercial-free.

References to specific companies or products at The Practical Cyclist are editorial in nature: I have received no significant goods or services in exchange for links or recommendations. Not that I'd refuse, but no one has offered. If this changes, I'll make it obvious and explicit.